Chai For All

Chai For All’s classy multi-national musicians flit between jazz-tinged Jewish klezmer, emotive middle-eastern folk and powerful Yiddish song, between old ballads of soulful yearning and rousing dance tunes. Engaging, accomplished, wholly entertaining.

'Energetic and exciting, Chai For All combine klezmer, Yiddish folk and jazz throughout their music. Making one fierce brew as a result. It’s emotive, soulful and unlike anything you’ll ever see.' Bristol24/7

'Highly skilled - a class act.' Venue Magazine

Marianna Moralis: vocals, storyteller
Lulu Austin: violin
David Mowat: trumpet, flugelhorn
Knud Stüwe: guitar, oud
Simon Leach: percussion, guitar, oud, pipes, whistles

This five-piece are part of the Chai For All Ensemble, can be expanded with clarinet and electric/double bass upon request, and are also available as a four-piece, as duo Chai For Two or trio Chai For Three.

Associate Artists:
Zaid Hilal: vocals, bağlama
Michael Loader: storyteller, trumpet
Mark Smulian: bass, electronics
Katie Stevens: clarinet, kaval

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The Chai For All Ensemble will be performing at Venue 40 daily from 17-22 August 2020. Further information can be found under 'SHOWS'.


Marianna Moralis (vocals), Lulu Austin (violin), David Mowat (trumpet), Knud Stüwe (guitar) and Simon Leach (percussion) with:

Exciting and entertaining, Chai For All plays jazz-tinged klezmer, Old World Yiddish folk and New World Yiddish theatre songs, on a magnificent musical journey from the haunted Central and Eastern European shtetls, through the dimly-lit basement bars of tango-crazed Buenos Aires, to Second Avenue in swinging New York. Impassioned female vocals lead the party, against a joyous backing of violin, trumpet, guitar and percussion.

Check our 'SHOWS' section for dates.


During their tour of Palestine in 2018, the Chai For All Ensemble heard a story about the wheat variety 'Abu Samra', which Zaid Hilal and Hind Hilal turned into a lovely song, performed during our UK tour of Our Homeland Lives in Us: Longing, Belonging & Palestine. In April 2019 Chai For All Ensemble members Katie Stevens, David Mowat and Michael Loader, with Peter Churchill of the Bonfire Radicals, returned to listen to many more Palestinian stories, which will be used to inspire our new ensemble show Sound is Resistance: Stories of Palestine in Music and Song.

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