Mazl & Brokhe: Yiddish Song

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Tobacco Factory Bar, Raleigh Road, Bristol BS3 1TF

Exciting and entertaining, Chai For All plays Old World Yiddish folk, New World Yiddish theatre songs and jazz-tinged klezmer. A magnificent musical journey from the haunted Eastern European shtetls, through the dimly-lit basement bars of tango-crazed Buenos Aires, to the vibrant neighbourhoods of swinging New York.

Impassioned female vocals lead the party, against a joyous backing of trumpet, guitar and percussion. With fantastic music, brilliant audience rapport and more than a touch of goodtime showbiz, this is a set guaranteed to raise the spirits.

Marianna Moralis - vocals, David Mowat - trumpet, Knud Stüwe - guitar, Brendan Hockey - percussion